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Pay your visitor tax fast and easy is not part of a government body or of any state-led agency. It is a private website on which travelers to the Quintana Roo can pay their Visitax. The Visitax can also be obtained on the Quintana Roo state-owned

3 easy steps to pay the tourist tax:

Complete the
Application form

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Pay through a
Secure page


Receive your
Receipt of payment


Who should pay the new tourism tax?

  • Visitors of any foreign country to the state of Quintana Roo.
  • Visitors traveling to Quintana Roo for tourism purposes only.

The new tourism tax is due from every foreign visitor traveling to one of Quintana Roo’s tourist destinations including the island of Cozumel, Cancun, or Tulum.

The new tax is due even if traveling on business, health, education, or other than tourism purposes.


  • To pay the tourist tax or Visitax in Quintana Roo and its territories, foreign visitors must have a valid passport.
  • This tax is applicable to tourists visiting the state for vacation, medical purposes, education, or business trips.

How to pay the tourist tax?

  • The tourist application form is available HERE.
  • This is a secure online platform where you can submit your application without any difficulties.
  • The application form lets you add up to 10 visitors. First, of course, you need to enter their names, age and passport number.
  • In case your group has more than 10 members, you may fill another application form for the rest of the group.
  • A group or a family can make a transaction through one single form. However, the system will generate one receipt for all of the visitors of the group.
  • After you have made the payment for the tourist tax, you will receive a QR Code in 72 hours via your email address. You will have to show it to the local or airport authorities.
  • You can make your payment through our payment gateway using a debit or credit card.
  • When departing Quintana Roo, you and your group members are required to show their receipts at the airport before you board your flight.


Purpose of trip Tourism, business, and transit
Validity Single entry. A payment is due for each visitor’s stay
Stay Maximum of 180 days per visit
Delivery time Within 72 hours from successful payment
Price $48.00 USD per Visitax application – each traveler needs his document
Application form Online only: submit your request now

Visitax Frequently Asked Questions

All visitors are required to pay Visitax

The process of applying and paying the tourism tax takes no more than 5 minutes. All you will need is a valid passport and E-mail address, and a credit card or Paypal account. You will receive the payment confirmation within the next several minutes to the provided e-mail.


Although the payment confirmation will be sent to the e-mail provided when applying, it’s always a good idea to keep a printed copy among the travel documents too. You may have to show proof of payment for each traveler in your group before boarding your flight back, and before going through security.

Remember, the new payment is mandatory for all foreign tourists, so consider everyone eligible in your family. In case you have not been able to pay or print Quintana Roo’s state tourism tax, assistance will be given in place, at that moment.

Tourists can pay the new Visitax prior traveling, upon arrival, or even before flying back home. The first two can be done online. The third option is possible at the Cancun airport only. It is however recommended to pay your Visitax online, so you can avoid queuing at the airport. This way, you will also minimize the risk of missing your flight. You can pay online with a credit card or PayPal, or in cash at the Cancun or Cozumel airport.
  • The number of individuals travelling​
  • Names of the individuals​
  • Each individual’s passport number​
  • Departure date​
  • Age​
  • Payment information

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